Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Toyota Vios 2014

The third generation Toyota Vios really eye turner . From traditional design curves and bubble strange, new Vios 1497 cc has much to offer compared to its predecessor .

I was able to look at the new Vios, weeks posleedvadve car was launched in Singapore. With the new look, inside and out, I have to say that Vios looks amazing with the front and sides , but the advantage of inside leg "satki" ( read : awesome ) level brand. I'll explain why .

With the new Vios, Toyota Singapore currently offers two versions of the model , make and model Vios E GE The database includes standard equipment that is simple enough for ordinary lead, while G to attract teams and drivers technology more luxury .

I found that the air intake at the bottom front of the grid is too large for the Vios, making it look like he was speechless , so I was in front of her mouth . T variant also comes with xenon headlights projector (but still on) , but I think it does not stop motorists change ballast and lamp replacement.

Both versions are equipped with fog lamps , folding indicators exterior mirrors and door lock functions , about the same as most cars on the road . As a special touch to an additional S $ 4,000 will have to pay more for "premium" alternatives G, Toyota created what they call a windshield "sound" before in an attempt to reduce the noise . Honestly, the main option , which was very well insulated , so I see no need to use and " acoustic" glass .

The last major change you'll notice about the new Vios is noted screens replacement drivers side of the center now . I found an old Vios stimulus in the sense that I could not get my speed and RPM just looking at the front in the last flight, but I had to turn my head to the left by the amount of the instrument so - ugly.

New Vios now imeetsiny call indicator speedometer and tachometer tachometer light, with a small information display located below illustrates the odometer, fuel and other basic parameters.

Training and technical
In 1497 cc , I do not think we should expect a lot of Vios. Four towers online is pretty good, despite the fact that he was only doing VVT-I engine 107 horsepower. My shift was relatively calm and quiet and gentle sounds , watching the old noise release rate Vios.

I felt manual transmission 4 can be a little more refined , as the speed increases are generally not required. This was proven after polovinykruga played when the transmission suddenly decided that gears 2 , was too much for me to handle , even at 20 km / h , and I suddenly changed to 1 , doping regime cut huge hit 3000 . Meetings are also reduced when the speed of light and decided to leave when he turned green . Shock ( s) and unpleasant noise (s), I must say.

If this is not so bad , that is 4 speed takes you a little particular when accelerating . So do not worry if your second gear starts to pull more than 40 km / h to 50 KMH.

Assumption VVT-I engine should be improved to be more economical in comparison with the old Vios. The fuel tank of the new Vios has just over 40 liters of unleaded petrol , but unfortunately I think it's 4 speed gearbox consumption justice. Fuel consumption recorded for urban driving is 15.8 km / l or 6.3 l/100 km , but the speed drags his team during take-off , it would be difficult to achieve.

Toyota also included the indicator "ECO", to facilitate "smart" - in his own words . This , they say, is designed so you can assess their own driving habits in an attempt to save fuel , but said it was pretty useless and unreliable. My Elantra has and has nothing to do with what it should be.

fresh or new aggressive style (inside and outside )
or a more comfortable ride with a more efficient engine
list of the equipment or improvement compared to its predecessor

Cons: terribly expensive or 1.6 liter car
Lack of technology and gadgets compared to other brands of the same type
or tends to drag the gear (especially in your second gear ) , in connection with the transmission with a four-speed

Toyota Vios is sold in salons all Toyota and parallel importers ( no waiting time - they have a lot of action in accordance with the sales). It has 7 different colors for you to choose from for the outside of the body and 2 different colors for the interior